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I heart Electronica

I have liked electronic music since I lived in France in 2007, it all started with the Destination Calabria beat (seen below).  Now it seems like the trend is growing pretty quickly in the U.S…. finally!! Songs like Rock That Body and Bulletproof are really popular on the radio and they are both definitely not like previous popular music. I like both.. and wonder: how are the Black Eyed Peas so consistent! The huge campus music festival (Sun God) has always had a dance tent; my freshman year: like 25 people, last week: full to capacity and closed down because of crazy pushing. But I’m wondering if it becoming popular will ruin it for me? Live DJ shows are a very different experience. Seeing a DJ outside of the U.S. is definately a nicer experience.. Monster Massive on Halloween last year in LA was miserable and wayyyy too crowded; I felt like cattle getting pushed though gates. But I did see Armin Van Buuren, only my most favorite DJ ever. Seeing Tiesto in Santiago last December was so much of a better experience, less crowding and more energy, and for some reason I preferred Tiesto to Van Buuren. Next on my list: David Guetta!


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The 4th and Last Good-Bye at LAX

Today was the 4th time I had to part ways with Pablo in an airport. Luckily for me, I have been the one departing only once. It’s so much harder being in that position than being the one who gets to go back home and get back to daily tasks right away. This time was not easy, but it definitely was not as hard as some of the past good-byes. I think having a set date of my permanent move to Chile really helped (knowing this was actually the FINAL time) as well as having lots planned to do before I move down there. It also helps that we are Skype masters!

So, basically, my move to Chile has begun, with my other half and a full suitcase of my stuff  on their way! When LAN emailed Pablo his confirmation, they accidentally put that he was allowed 3 pieces of luggage, so we called to see if this way in fact correct and were told that it was not right. So we printed it out, packed a third bag of “not necessaries” and ended up getting it checked anyway.. along with two other crammed full bags that weighed about 49.8 lbs each. I packed a whole suitcase full of my winter clothes, shoes, and boots and also threw in necessities like the game Taboo, a coffee table book about dogs, and my extra purses.  LAN didn’t have those extra huge plastic bags that we put our backpacking backpack in to protect the straps and told us that the airport didn’t have any.. suuurrrreee, so Pablo got out of line and waited while I tried all the different counters and after being rejected by just about every Asian airline, I got a bag from Luftansa Airlines, no questions asked.

After parting ways, I headed back to my car and cell phone to, of course, call Pablo for the last time to his American number. I  couldn’t find my phone anywhere and went back into the airport to find it with no luck. I remembered I did actually have it in the airport because I had taken a picture of Pablo carrying his mass amount of luggage but didn’t know how I would have lost it. It wasn’t until 20 minutes down the 405 that I remembered I had been wearing Pablo’s jacket into the airport and had put it in his pocket.. oh well, too late now.

So I guess this begins my move to Chile and my blogging about it. Hopefully someday my blog might be like the blogs that I have found that have encouraged me, discouraged me, and given me a great incites about gringa life in Santiago.


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May 20, 2010 - 5:58 am

Pab - We were so dumb! I guess the good bye process (which is never easy) distracted us about the cell phone. I just passed security when something was in the pocket of my jacket… what am I suposse to do at that point? It was soooooo frustrating because I really wanted to talk to you… anyway… the countdown has started…

Love you!

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