Women’s Day, fractured collar bone, and realizing you have real friends…

Yesterday was quite eventful. I got to shoot an International Women’s Day event here in Santiago which was great. Networking, meeting lots of new ladies from all over, and giving my event portfolio a boost!

The event ended late and I had gone by bike. Pablo was also near by at a friends so he started to ride towards me so we could ride home together. His tire popped, he crashed, and fractured his collar bone. I was only a few blocks away so I got there quickly to figure things out.

This is where the important part comes in. 11pm on a Tuesday night, a boyfriend that needs to go to the hospital, and two bikes that need to get somewhere somehow.

Without hesitating, I think of my friend (let’s call her gringa #1) who has a Ford Excursion and lives close to where we were. I call her a friend even though I met her 10 days ago and didn’t even have her cell in my phone yet. I call her a friend because it just clicks, you know someone is real or not probably after the first time you meet them. So I needed to call her to come get the bikes and I didn’t have her number.

So I call another friend (gringa #2).  I call her a friend because I can talk to her about everything and she’s sarcastic and tolerant like me. I’ve known her for about as long as I’ve been here. I have gringa #2 get on my email and find the number of gringa #1 who I then call to find out her car is not working but she offers to help in any other way she can… like a friend.

So Pablo’s dad comes to get us and Pablo’s dad’s girlfriend stays with the bikes until he can go back to pick her up with room in the car. This is where friend #3 comes in. I call her a friend because she’s real and admirable. She talks about her life and her goals without fear that I’ll judge her, because I’m a real friend to her.  She also lives near where Pablo crashed. So I called her to see if she wouldn’t mind going to meet with Pablo’s dad’s girlfriend to walk the bikes back to her place together so we could leave them there and worry about picking them up a different day. She hopped on her bike and headed out. But in the end, Pablo’s dad was already returning with the car, so we didn’t need her to help any more.

I call them friends because I can call them without thinking that I might inconvenience their night. Because I know that I’ll be there for them some day when they need me and I wouldn’t think twice about helping them. That’s when you realize that a girl isn’t someone you need to email 2 weeks in advance to “plan” to “have a coffee”.. it’s about a real connection with out the need to put on an act and squeeze them in your schedule.

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March 9, 2011 - 11:30 pm

angie - Friends like those are real treasures. I’m fortunate enough to have a few of those in my life as well. And I’m looking forward to making more great friends like that in Santiago too. Please tell Pablo I hope he gets well soon!!

March 10, 2011 - 7:05 am

bookmole - Having friends like that is the best thing in the world! You are blessed. Get Well Soon, Pablo!

March 10, 2011 - 12:17 pm

Alessandra Castillo - Awwwww feeeling the loovee!!!

I´m so glad you are my bff here! You are totally right too – I was asleep when you called and you are about the only person I would have answered for ahahaha.

also yay for all the awesome gringas coming into our lives these days!! :)

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